Why teach kids weightlifting?

Olympic weightlifting is about more than just lifting heavy weights. In fact, it's the one sport that will improve results in all other sports. Oly lifting teaches strength, stability and balance, building a good physical foundation whatever journey your child follows in life.

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This e-book contains:

  • An 11-step program to easily teach kids a fun and empowering set of skills;
  • Interesting fun characters created to give the feel of each exercise;
  • Bullet point summaries to keep it simple.

This book is a great resource for coaches and parents to help teach children the proper positions and movements for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, without the use of weights. Follow the steps in the book to teach kids the fundamentals, and you never know, you might learn something too!
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Printed books now available!

Printed books are now available for purchase through our online store, along with a range of kids t-shirts and our Perth-based weightlifting courses.
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From our readers:

Last night tested the "Standing Monkey" on my CF Kids class yesterday - worked really well!! Cant wait to test the Juniors out next week with it! Alice, Crossfit KIDS SA

Learn fun coaching cues

Learn to coach kids the correct positions using simple and fun analogies, like the Jumping Frog, and Proud Grasshopper and the Stretchy Cat.

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Danielle Waller
About the Author

Danielle Waller has been involved with Olympic Weightlifting for over 17 years as an athlete, coach and parent. She is currently the Chair of the AWF.

Oly4Kids Resource Library

Download the complete set Oly4Kids assessment cards and character certificates in PDF format for use with the program.